DR. H.U. MALIK Physician Specialist (GM & IM),

Nutritionist, B.Sc. MBBS (with HONs), M.D. (TJ). Ph.D,



Academic Teaching Practice
to the University of Cologne

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Individual health care (Private):

  • Vitamin construction and exhaustion measure therapy (Drip or sputter)
  • Consultation about overweight (Adipositas)
  • Traffic-medical consultation
  • Certificates after suspension of the driving licence
  • Diving ability investigation
  • Oxygen saturations in the blood
  • Pregnancy test / the pill afterwards
  • Acupuncture (e.g. migraine, smoking, alcoholism, obesity, etc)
  • Ultrasonic investigations of the internal organs
  • Investigation for certificates of different type
  • Certificate of good health
  • Load-/fitness check Certificate

Blood tests for:

  • Allergy tests (Usual allergens, food)
  • Blood group typing
  • Heart check
  • Liver check
  • Kidney check
  • Prostate gland check
  • Vitamin check
  • Risk factors check
  • Other blood tests by wish possible

Travel vaccinations for all countries in the world

  • medical travel advice and vaccinations (such as meningitis , Rabies (dog bite), tick vaccination (FSME), hepatitis A / B, typhoid fever (vomiting and diarrhea), yellow fever, rotavirus (diarrhea, vomiting children), Japanese encephalitis, malaria tablets, cholera, etc.)

Specific features:

Our practice is registered as yellow fever vaccine to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our practice provides health insurance to participate in all the participating GP-based care and to DMP (Disease Management Program) DM type 1, DM type 2, Asthma, COPD and CHD.

In urgent cases we make house visits.

Practice without barriers (access Suitable for the handicapped).