Dr. Hafeez Ullah Malik

DR. H.U. MALIK Physician Specialist (GM & IM), Nutritionist, B.Sc. MBBS (with HONs), M.D. (TJ). Ph.D, MGMC, MGAcS, MGTMA, MGAL (GERMANY), MBMC (LONDON) Academic Teaching Practice to the University of Cologne ​ ​ ​ ​
​ ​

Senior Consultant Physician in Cologne Germany since 2002 till today

  • School-leaving certificate after state examination (Matriculation in Jammu and Kashmir in India) 1967-1977
  • Pre-University Examination in Science Subjects (S. P. College Srinagar, Kashmir) 1977
  • Acquisition of the B. SC. Degree (bachelor of science degree) from Kashmir University. 1985
  • Studied medicine at Abuali ibn Sino State Medical University (TJ). 1986
  • Diploma with distinction in human medicine
    Recognition of the diploma at the Medical Council of India " M.D. Physician" in New Delhi, India
  • AiP in Internal Medicine (Dr. med. Withoeft, Eduards Hospital Cologne) 10.1993 - 04.1995
  • License to practice medicine (Cologne) 05.1995
  • Certificate of competence in rescue medicine (North Rhine Medical Association) 06.1995
  • Resident (Martinusquelle Clinic Cardiology, Prof. Dr. H. W. Klempt, Bad Lippspringe, Paderborn) 07.1995 - 10.1995
  • Licensed to practice medicine in the UK with the General Medical Council and member of the GMC London) 11.1996
  • Resident (General Practice, Dr. J. Oberbusch, Cologne) 11.1995 - 06.1997
  • Emergency doctor in ÄND North, ÄND West, ÄND East, ÄND North 01.1996 - 02.2003
  • Resident (Internal Medicine Practice, Dr. I. R. Zerykier, Cologne) 07.1997- 02.1998
  • Certificate of Competence (Advanced Resuscitation Training North Middlesex Hospital, London) 08.1998
  • Certificate of Competence-Resuscitation Council UK (Advanced Life Support Provider Course Harefield Middelsex) 10.1998
  • Resident (SHO) in Internal Medicine (North Middelsex Hospital, London) 05.1998-12.1998
  • Resident (Surgical Medical Practice, Dr. Strauss, Cologne) 01.06.1999
  • Resident (General Practice Dr. S. A. Bihari, Cologne) 12.1999-12.2000
  • Recognition of the academic degree Doctor Medicini (TJ) as M.D. (TJ) by the Ministry for School, Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia 01.2001
  • Specialist in general medicine (North Rhine Medical Association) 04.2001
  • New establishment of a general practice in Cologne-Blumenberg 02.2002
  • Specialist certificate in traffic medicine (North Rhine Medical Association) 09.2002
  • Certificate in Travel and Tropical Medicine Prof. Dr. med. E. Kröger (Center for Travel Medicine, Düsseldorf) 06.2003
  • Diploma A (140 hours) Acupuncture (German Acupuncture Society, Dr. G. Stux, Düsseldorf) 09.2003
  • Specialist certificate in travel medicine: Dr. Klinsing (Deutscher Fachverband Reisemedizin e.V., Frankfurt am Main) 04.2004
  • Authorization for further training in the field of general medicine for 24 months 08.2004
  • Acupuncture Diploma B (350 hours), German Acupuncture Society, Dr. G. Stux, Dusseldorf, Germany 06.2005
  • Award of the continuing education certificate of the North Rhine Medical Association (250 points) 07.2005
  • Authorization to carry out yellow fever vaccinations in international travel WHO by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia 10.2006
  • Medical association certificate: travel medical health consultation 11.2006
  • Award of the additional title acupuncture of the Medical Association North Rhine 12.2006
  • Award of the second continuing education certificate of the North Rhine Medical Association (250 pts.) 05.2007
  • Authorization for further training in the field of internal and general medicine for 24 months 01.2008
  • Specialist in General Medicine and Internal Medicine (North Rhine Medical Association) 02.2009
  • Doctorate at the Medical Clinic of the University of Hamburg (Director of the Institute of General Medicine of the UKE : Prof. Dr. Hendrik van den Bussche) 04.2009
  • Recognition of the Academic Degree "Bachelor of Science" B. Sc. (Univ. Kashmir) by Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia 06.2009
  • Award of the third continuing education certificate of the North Rhine Medical Association (250 pts.) 01.2010
  • Award of the title "Ernährungsmediziner" from the Bonner Förderverein für Diätetik ( BFD e.V ) Prof.Dr.Sc.med.Dr. med.C.Metzner 05.2010
  • Medical association certificate: nutritional medicine 05.2010
  • Award of the fourth continuing medical education certificate CME (continues Medical Education) of the North Rhine Medical Association (250 pts.) 06.2010
  • Admission as an Academic Teaching Practice of the University of Cologne - Accreditation by the Focus on General Medicine at the Center for Health Services Research of the University of Cologne (ZVfK) 05.2011
  • Participated extensively in other continuing education and training. This overview will be adjusted subsequently. seit 2011

Language skills:

Written and spoken: Kashmiri (mother tongue), Urdu, Hindi, English, Russian, German


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Ärztliche Notfalldienste außerhalb der Sprechstunden

Wenn Sie außerhalb der üblichen Sprechstunden Ihrer*Ihres Ärztin*Arztes Beschwerden haben, können Sie sich telefonisch an den ärztlichen Bereitschaftsdienst – Telefon 116 117 – wenden.

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