Technical investigation

Use our advanced technology for precise diagnoses and effective treatments.

All vaccinations from infancy to adulthood according to STIKO recommendations.

Other examinations depending on the indication:

Description of our services

Every aspect of our work is focused on providing you with excellent health care. Find out about the details and nuances of our high-quality medical services.

Dr. Malik Praxis

Ärztliche Notfalldienste außerhalb der Sprechstunden

Wenn Sie außerhalb der üblichen Sprechstunden Ihrer*Ihres Ärztin*Arztes Beschwerden haben, können Sie sich telefonisch an den ärztlichen Bereitschaftsdienst – Telefon 116 117 – wenden.

Emergency medical service outside surgery hours

You can contact the emergency service if you have medical problems outside your doctor’s usual surgery hours. The following emergency services are available in Cologne under phone number: 116117